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What is a Triduum?

The older Catholic Encyclopedia (1913) defines a Triduum as “A time frequently chosen for prayer or for other devout practices, whether by individuals in private, or in public by congregations or special organizations in parishes, in religious communities, seminaries, or schools.” The most famous in our modern times being, of course, the Triduum from Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord’s Supper to Easter Vigil. But a Triduum can also serve when the faithful are not able to assist or attend at a full Novena. And so this year, we will be experimenting with having a Triduum in place of our Novena for St. Monica, so that more of the faithful can participate fully.

We know many of our devotees regret not being able to attend nine days, so we hope this will be an opportunity for them to be included as well!