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The Passing of a Giant Figure in Our Shrine

We are sad to announce the death of Fr. Tommy Hayes, OP

We are extremely sad to announced the death of Fr. Tommy Hayes, OP (center), who has been involved with the Shrine of St. Jude since 1978 in some form.  

Even when he was not assigned to the Shrine, he remained a good friend and promoter of our saint. His email was even, in part "judedude."  In Liz Trotta's book on St. Jude, he figures prominently in one of the chapters as a joyful friend to those who visited.

His vigil will be right by his beloved Shrine this Friday, September 16th, 7:30 PM.

May he enjoy his eternal rest after a long life of service, welcomed into that heavenly throng by our good friend and cousin of Our Lord, St. Jude Thaddeus.