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St. Jude — as never seen before!

3-D Scan of our St. Jude

One of the things that our visitors often ask for is something with our own St. Jude statue on it. We have the holy cards, of course, but many people were looking for something more tangible and sizable, so we commissioned a 3-D scan of our St. Jude statue, which involved removing St. Jude from his place for a day, so he could receive the high-tech treatment, which involved plotting millions and millions of data points through a system of criss-crossing lasers, to get an exact scan.

In removing St. Jude from his usual place, we were surprised to see perhaps decades of photos and petitions stuck under and around him that we had never seen before. We were also surprised to find a small hole in the back of his head that we hadn’t seen before. It was probably there to help secure him to the first Shrine altar, since San Francisco is obviously a seismically active zone.

With this project, we hope to have some high-quality replicas made of our beloved image soon, so all the devotees can take “our” St. Jude home as well. Stay tuned!