Mother’s and Father’s Day Novenas 2021

Dear Friends of St. Jude,

It has never been more difficult for mothers and fathers to live out their vocation as Christian parents. Indeed, the whole family feels the pressures of our often broken society and the hurts of human sin. Prayer has never been more needed for parents and children than in these times, yet the Lord can provide the grace needed for the heavenly vocation to which each member of the family is called. Mother’s and Father’s Day are important days to give thanks for our earthly birth, but to continue to ask for a spiritual rebirth in Christ.

It is significant to me that these two familial commemorations bookend some of the greatest Feasts of the Church Year: the Ascension, Pentecost, Corpus Christi, and Trinity Sunday. These Holy Days remind us of the power of God to bring about life and healing in the lives of our parents and relatives. Let us then commend our parents and our whole family to the Risen Lord that we each more deeply experience the indwelling of the Holy Trinity. 

I invite you to join us during two novenas – nine days of prayer – for all mothers (May 1- May 9) and a novena for all fathers (June 12 – June 20). Please use the forms included in this mailing and return them to us to be placed on the St. Jude altar during the novenas. Please feel free to include the names of all parents, living and deceased. Also, please consider including in the novena all of the spiritual mothers and fathers in your lives, as we priests and religious need these prayers too in order to carry out our vocations.

Enroll for the Current Novena online here or with a PDF here!

In Christ and St. Jude, 

Very Rev. Vincent M. Kelber, O.P.