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Easter Novena, 2020

Dear Friends of St. Jude,

St. Dominic’s Church, home of the St. Jude Shrine, like most churches across the country, has gone dark in response to the coronavirus. Public Masses have been suspended, and Lenten and other pastoral outreach programs cancelled, as we approach Holy Week and the Resurrection of Our Lord.

For us Catholics this is especially painful, and for those of us devotees to St. Jude it is more disorienting still. And yet we are confident that he remains close to us, interceding for us in a special way, encouraging us in our struggle to cope with this bewildering moment, to turn it into an occasion of grace, and bring us thereby closer to Jesus.

As I write this letter the San Francisco Bay Area counties, like many communities around the world, have continued to live under a “shelter in place” order for the purpose of limiting the spread of the coronavirus. However the Dominican Friars continue to offer Masses for the intentions we receive.

When we celebrate a Mass, any Mass, we are truly participating in a real way in the One Sacrifice of Christ on Calvary, uniting all our prayers and sacrifices and imperfect acts of love to that Most Perfect and Holy Act of Worship to the Father for our salvation.

Allow us, then, to pray for you and your loved ones especially for the Novena during the Holy Season of Easter — register your petitions at the link below, and pray with us and for all our fellow devotees of St. Jude.

Sincerely in Christ and St. Jude,

Fr. Vincent M. Kelber, O.P.


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