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Our New Novices

This year’s novices, along with Fr. Dismas Sayre, OP, our Director, in front of the Shrine. We are blessed…


How to Win Back Your Family & Friends to the Faith

We have posted Denise Bossert’s talks on our Youtube channel. She is a nationally-known Catholic author…


The Mandylion of Edessa

A young St. Jude bringing the Mandylion of the Holy Face to King Abgar of Edessa, 10th century. Via Wikimedia…


Blessing with the Relic of St. Jude

One of our reliquaries with a fragment of the bones of St. Jude the Apostle, once taken to the island…


St. Jude Oil

What is St. Jude Oil? St. Jude Oil is a sacramental oil, often used to bless those who are sick. How…