Para fomentar la devoción a San Judas Tadeo, "Patrón de los Casos Difíciles," y proveer fondos para la educación y formación de estudiantes dignos para el Sacerdocio y la Hermandad Dominica.

White Glass Votive Candle

$3.00 each (available only at Shrine)

A candle is an outward sign of our inner intention as we pray for a person or offer other petitions. The candle signifies that I should, or would, stay longer and pray, but I can’t for many reasons.  But I want this candle,  as it melts away, to be a token of what I would like to do - to let my heart melt away in total submission to the Divine will made manifest to me through prayer. At the Shrine this candle lasts for approximately 3 days.

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