To further the devotion to St. Jude Thaddeus, "Patron of Difficult Cases," and to support the education and formation of worthy students for the Dominican Priesthood and Brotherhood.

Lourdes Rosary and Mass CD

$12.00 each


Rosary and Solemn Mass
in Honor of Our Lady of Lourdes

A recording of the final Novena Mass in Honor of Our Lady of Lourdes at St. Dominic's Church, San Francisco, CA., in the year of 2001.

Organ Prelude 3:18

The Rosary 17:50 with Fr. Cassidy

Processional Hymn, Lourdes Hymn 1:59

The Solemn Mass in Honor of Our Lady of Lourdes Begins 3:19

Reading, Isaiah 1:33

Responsorial Psalm, Offer to God a Sacrifice of Praise 2:29

Alleluia/Gospel Acclamation 1:36

Gospel, Luke and Homily 17:04

Intercessory Prayers and Hail Mary 1:45

Offertory Hymn, Ave Maria, Schubert 2:38

Preface -- Sanctus, Community Mass, Proulx, Eucharistic Prayer, Memorial Acclamation, Community Mass, Proulx Doxology and Great Amen, Community Mass, Prolux 6:12

Our Father and Sign of Peace 1:49

Agnus Dei, Community Mass, Proulx and Communion Meditation 2:36

Post Communion Prayer and Thanksgiving 1:51

Blessing of All Religious Articles Blessing of Rosaries Apostolic Blessing 3:01

Recessional Hymn, Hymn to Saint Jude


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